Commercial & Industrial

Our self-consumption and net-metering turnkey projects, with local tax incentives management, are available starting from 50kWp.

With personalized proposals, administrative procedures that include authorizations, licenses and subsidies, installation execution, implementation and operation and maintenance, in a comprehensive budget, supported by our projects nationwide.


Under the Net Metering framework, our clients can cover their electric energy needs either completely or partially, returning the excess energy back to the power grid.  This surplus energy would be recognized as credits for future consumption or selling it back to the power grid.


Our post-purchase operation and maintenance services will help you mitigate the risks of low performance and downtime of your photovoltaic plant.



We are experts in the design, development, construction, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic plants for the commercial and industrial sector. We support institutions, industries and companies to generate clean and competitive energy through high-performance photovoltaic plants, guaranteed by our operation and maintenance team.

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    To any company or natural person that contributes to social security and has their tax payments up to date.
    This Regulation allows users to be self-sufficient, partially or completely, through generators based on renewable sources that will be of benefit so that their production is balanced with the energy supplied by the distributor.
    We have relationships and agreements with local commercial banks and private investors. If the client prefers a particular bank, we help our clients process the request, so that the client can acquire the plant through a commercial bank loan or through investment funds and operational leasing.
    The return on investment depends on several factors, installation type (ground, roof or parking), whether or not the client can take advantage of tax credits, whether it is a customs-free zone, among others. Given this information, the return-on-investment time frame ranges from 3 to 5 years.
    Yes, we have an Operation and Maintenance department to monitor the plants, issue generation reports and provide maintenance tasks for the facilities.