Apink Contract Expires

Apink Contract Expires: What’s Next for the Popular K-Pop Group?

Apink is a well-known K-pop group that has been dominating the music industry since its debut in 2011. However, news recently surfaced that the members` contracts with the agency, Plan A Entertainment, have expired.

Fans of Apink have been anxious to know what will happen to their beloved group, especially considering the current state of the entertainment industry. As a professional, here`s everything you need to know about Apink’s contract expiration and what`s next for them.

The Background

Apink is a six-member group that debuted in 2011 under Plan A Entertainment, formerly known as A Cube Entertainment. The group has been known for its catchy songs, impressive vocals, and sweet personalities. Apink has been active in the music industry for a decade, and they’ve become one of the most popular K-pop girl groups worldwide.

The Contract Expiration

The news of Apink’s contract expiration has fans concerned about the future of the group. However, the members have been very clear about their relationship with their agency. In an interview with News1, the members stated that they have a good relationship with Plan A Entertainment and that they are open to renewing their contracts.

Plan A Entertainment also released a statement, saying, “We are currently in discussions about Apink’s future activities and contract renewals. We will inform you as soon as we reach a decision.”

What’s Next?

It`s uncertain what the future holds for Apink, but it’s very likely that they will continue to be active in the music industry. The members have constantly expressed their love for music and their desire to continue performing as Apink.

Currently, the members are focusing on their individual activities. For example, member Eunji recently released her album “Simple,” which received positive reviews and charted on various music charts.

In addition to their individual activities, the members have been appearing on various TV shows and online content, such as “Amazing Saturday,” “Ask Us Anything,” and “Food-Tainer.”


In conclusion, Apink’s contract expiration has caused some concern among fans, but the members have been clear about their relationship with Plan A Entertainment and their love for music. It`s safe to say that Apink will continue to be active in the music industry. As the group has been around for a decade, it`s exciting to see what the future holds for them. We can only hope to see more of their impressive vocals, catchy songs, and sweet personalities in the future!